We Are Ready to Help.

Along with all the services you would expect from a bookkeeper, our mission is to help our clients streamline and improve the ways they perform accounting and administrative tasks. We focus on creating a personalized system that is more efficient, easy to use and eliminates the need for receipts and extra paper.


Kasia Mucha

Kasia's passion is accounting and it shows by having over 25 years of experience in the field! She will not only set you up on the cloud, she will take the time to get to know you and your business giving you a very personal system that makes sense and works best for you. Her goal is to help you understand your financial situation by teaching you the systems she puts in place allowing you to effortlessly and confidently manage your money. With her help, you can review your finances and make critical business decisions while she does the bean-counting thus allowing you to take control of (and focus on) generating revenue and achieving growth.

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Basia Chmielowiec

Basia's understanding of  work flow and office management comes from the many years of experience in various fields. After running a 100+ child daycare for several years, she knows the importance of being organized and setting up a system that is efficient and simple. Managing 4 Real Estate office's with several realtors at each location prior to the daycare was also no easy task but Basia used her passion in combination with her skills and created a unique system in each office to function and allow the realtors to focus on the important things. Even with Basia not in the office anymore, those systems are still in use and working to continue saving all the Realtors' time and keeping their stress to a minimum.


Marek Mucha

Mark’s professional experience includes 12 years of computer and web services. His extensive knowledge and passion for technology makes him an integral part of the team and the key element in making your business run smoothly, effortlessly and in the clouds. He strives to be up to date with all the newest gadgets and apps which are the lifeblood to tying in all the aspects of accounting, freeing up your time for the things that matter to you the most.