Real People, Real Reviews:

"I have used Kasia Mucha for my accounting needs for about 15 years. She has proven to be accurate, reliable and always provides prompt service and excellent advice. Most importantly she has helped me save a lot of time and money. I would highly recommended this service to all my friends."


"Prior to my retirement from Family Medicine, Kasia helped to prepare my records for taxes for many years. They were always done promptly, with no history of significant errors and she even picked them up and dropped them off at my CA’s office. After retirement, she provided some advice for maintaining my own records that was welcome. It’s been a pleasure to work with such a pleasant and reliable individual."


"I've worked both with Kasia and Basia separately, and I can safely say that the apple does not fall far from the tree. They are both organized and thorough, while maintaining bright and patient attitudes. Kasia has helped me bookkeeping and accounting, and she's humbly confident with her plethora of skill and experience. Basia, through her company, Key Elements, was contracted out by my business, Magda Zofia, for a major structural overhaul, as well as a rebrand, and logistics of a studio opening party. As a freelance photographer, I have a lot of tasks and responsibilities to handle, and the contribution and support from these two are never forgotten. I'm happy to see that they are teaming up, they will work wonders for people!!"


"Kasia Mucha has set me up on Quick Books Online as well as on an awesome electronic filing system called Hubdoc. Both systems are excellent, easy to use and accessible from anywhere (literally). Hubdoc has really exceeded my expectations and improved my business dramatically as it saves me a lot of time; I don’t have to sort or store receipts, all I do is take a picture and toss the paper! Many companies are emailing invoices already, so I just have to forward them to the program! I can even do this while I am on the beach as there is an app allowing me to take photos or forward invoices via my phone! Now I can focus on other areas of my business or take the extra time for myself thanks to Kasia and accounting in the clouds."


"Kasia Mucha has been my bookkeeper for many years.  She is kind and helpful with my questions, patient and clever in sourcing and rectifying my errors.  I am grateful for her expertise and assistance."


"Before having Kasia and her team help me with my bookkeeping and financial tracking, I was keeping receipts, printed invoices and bank slips in envelopes. Everything was a huge mess. Some invoices were digital and I just didn’t have time to print them. Once Kasia set me up on the cloud, all I have to do is take a photo of any document and let her and the new system do the rest! Now everything is neatly in one place online. No more lost receipts, missing payments, or confusion. My quotes used to be in excel, all over the place and in no order and because of that, some were even accidentally overwritten. Now I can write estimates, quotes and collect money all online. The time I am saving is huge but the lack of headache and stress is even greater!"