AI and Accounting

Artificial intelligence and accounting are perhaps not the first two things you think would go together... However, with the rising speed of new technologies we are in a time in our lives where we can experience amazing changes in the way we do things. The heart of any business lies in the financial bones and managing the money coming in and out. 

"Rather than eliminate the human workforce in accounting firms, the humans will have new colleagues—machines—who will pair with them to provide more efficient and effective services to clients." - Bernard Marr, Forbes

How exciting is this! We all want our business to run smoother and we will try a variety of methods to make things easier. If your accounting and bookkeeping processes can be more efficient and streamlined, it free's up your time and mind space allowing for your focus to grow your business or simply have more time for yourself. 

"As machines infiltrate accounting tasks to take over the more mundane and repetitive tasks, it will free up accountants and bookkeepers to spend more time using their professional knowledge to analyze and interpret the data to provide recommendations for their clients."Bernard Marr, Forbes

We are excited to be part of this new growth in technology and would love to share with you all the ways we can help you improve your processes and workflows when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. The heart of your business lies within money management. When you put your books in the cloud you can easily review and control your cash flow, and keep tabs on your open invoices, customer balances, and past due amounts. You can get insight into cash flow projections and get a budget analysis. You will always be able to see the big picture at a glance, all in one place and at anytime, anywhere! This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology and accounting. Contact us anytime to find out all the ways cloud accounting can help you! 

"As accounting firms and departments begin to rely more heavily on machines to do the heavy lifting of calculating, reconciliations and responding to inquiries from other team members and clients about balances and verifying info, accountants and bookkeepers will be able to deliver more value to their clients..." Bernard Marr, Forbes